GPS Tracker Device in Delhi India

Realtime GPS Tracking System in Delhi India

What do you understand by tracking or by GPS tracking and how these tracking occur?

So, the answer is tracking means to analyze the exact location of anything either living (employee/kid/elder/younger/teenagers/loving one/personal) or non-living (vehicle/assets/lost things), GPS tracking based on satellite modem, GPRS or SMS, radio etc by the help of these medium the GPS tracker can track anywhere anytime.

Now-a-day these GPS Tracker Device in Delhi play a vital role in professional life, Companies that can not able to measure their fleet management capacity is one that who cannot able to improve upon its benchmark. They have to manage fleet without measuring its performance is just waste of resources. The productivity of truck, car, bus or other vehicles and their services in companies can be measure through GPS unit to determine accident risk, time management and even utilisation of fuel. As per our knowledge GPS tracker used to track and navigate that where about your assets. These GPS tracker are called as Small GPS tracking system, because usually they are available in small size, easy to conceal and can be hidden just about anywhere in vehicle such as inside(seat pocket/speaker/ grill/ behind radio),under brake light cover, under dashboard)etc many more place, without notify the driver or victim.


User can install these gadgets at any convenient place in any assets or vehicle according to their features like small in design, voice unfriendly, hidden, and wireless. As we know GPS Tracker Device in India Delhi are not all equal in size and design. If you realise the benefit of GPS Tracking device in your fleet and for your other security and safety purpose, then you have to choose right device for you. We believe that buyer should invest in the best of best, but need to work with your saving or budgets. Undeniably, there are large stocks of GPS tracker Device in Delhi with range of multiple options, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. So don’t be get worried here ACTIVE INDIA DIGITAL PRODUCTS team will help you to choose best GPS system for your business at your budget. Purchasers can Buy GPS Tracker Device in Delhi India at affordable cheap price in GPS store or shop of Delhi. Buyer can buy these GPS tracker by online through net banking, Paytm etc and offline by stores. We are the best supplier and dealer who provide good quality in Delhi and in other part of India. Our organization spread all over the world because our product satisfies the customer need regards security and safety.GPS tracker Price in Delhi is affordable and any buyer can easily buy it for their safety, without thinking much about money or budget.


Products Features

Intelligent Vehicle Tracking

Used to do real time data monitoring with speed control operation of the vehicle in restricted zone. Uses GPS and GSM module to identify the position of vehicle.

Over Speeding Alerts

This feature coordinates the car’s position, via GPS Tracker with a database of speed limit information alert driver if they’re speeding. Provide speeding alert.

Panic (SOS) Button

It’s a emergency button used for SOS send SMS, mail or call alert containing your GPS coordinate in Google Maps link to your all emergency calls and alert too.

Geo Fence Notifications

Allow you to establish virtual geo fence around predefined geographical area. You can set your geo fenced push notification too.

Trip Records

User can check the data of trip record of last two months. Track path/location/speed in history record and updated record too.

Engine Immobilze

It’s state of art of anti-theft system. It’s smart key lock system, if the immobilizer turn ON then the victim can’t open the car.

GPS for Kids used to see these activities: keep eyes on your child, either they follow your instruction in absence of you or not, they attend the classes sincerely, they come on time at home or not, where they are at late night, are they drive in safe zone etc. If you want to safe your kids, family, vehicles and all your assets then we suggest you to purchase GPS Tracker Device in India Delhi by online or offline mode.

This Realtime GPS Tracking Device has many powerful features like: real-time GPS location under which (maps, landmark and geo fences) occurs, provide notifications and alerts (harsh braking, rapid acceleration, unauthorized use, maintenance schedule and remainders), driver rating and safety, dispatch and messaging, time tracking etc many more. GPS tracker for car, truck, bike, motor cycle and other vehicle provide many benefits other than safety or security such as: It will help you to save time by notifying about traffic hassles by the help of that user choose correct way to reach their destination on time, provide fleet management by the help of which driver can reach their destination by utilising less fuel in short way, it helps you to save money by fleet management facilities.